Rouge Dior Lip Color

ROUGE DIOR ULTRA CARE | Flower oil radiant lipstick - weightless wear
Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge | Ultra pigmented hydra lipstick - 12h* weightless wear
ROUGE DIOR - THE ATELIER OF DREAMS LIMITED EDITION | Couture colour lipstick - floral lip care - comfort and long wear
ROUGE DIOR ULTRA CARE LIQUID LIMITED EDITION | Flower oil liquid lipstick - ultra weightless wear and petal velvet finish
ROUGE DIOR | Collection Set of 4
ROUGE DIOR ULTRA ROUGE | Ultra pigmented hydra lipstick - 12h* weightless wear
COLLECTION SET 35 ROUGE DIOR | Deluxe collection - 34 lipsticks and 1 lip balm - couture colour and floral lip care
ROUGE DIOR - LIMITED EDITION SPRING 2022 COLLECTION | Refillable Lipstick with 4 Couture Finishes: Satin, Matte, Metallic & New Velvet
ROUGE DIOR - NEW LOOK LIMITED EDITION | Lipstick and coloured lip balm - florallip care - couture colour - refillable - engraved houndstooth motif
ROUGE DIOR LUNAR NEW YEAR LIMITED EDITION | Collection of 4 Refillable Lipsticks and 1 Universal Lip Balm - Comfort and Long Wear