Dior Holiday Couture Collection | Mascara and Lipstick Set - The Spectacular Runway Look
Dior Holiday Couture Collection | Mascara and Serum-Primer Set - The Professional Runway Eye Look
Sparkling Couture Palette Eye & Lip Makeup Palette | Satin Essentials – Eyeshadows & Lipsticks
Dior Forever Skin Glow |  24h* Wear Radiant Perfection Skin-Caring Foundation also available in dior forever for a velvety matte finish
Dior Forever | 24h* Wear High Perfection Skin-Caring Foundation
Diorskin Forever | Skin Correct
Diorskin Forever | Couture Perfect Cushion
CAPTURE TOTALE | Triple correcting foundation - wrinkles, dark spots, radiance
Dior Backstage | Rosy Glow
Dior Lip Glow | Hydrating color reviver lip balm
DIOR LIP MAXIMIZER | Lip gloss - maximum hydration - instant and long-term volume effect
Lip Sugar Scrub | Self-vanishing sweet exfoliating lip balm - color awakening
Dior Lip Glow | Oil
Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine | Lipstick - shimmering shine - luscious hydrating care
Dior Addict Stellar Gloss | Balm Lip Gloss - Plumping Shine - 24h Hydration* instrumental test on 10 subjects.
DIOR ADDICT STELLAR SHINE | Hydrating care - lip shine
Dior Lip Tattoo | Coloured lip tint - bare-lip sensation - extreme weightless wear
DIOR LIP TATTOO - LIMITED EDITION | Colored lip tint - bare-lip sensation – extreme weightless wear
Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid | Flower oil radiant liquid lipstick - ultra weightless wear - petal velvet finish
ROUGE DIOR ULTRA CARE | Flower oil radiant lipstick - weightless wear
Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge | Ultra pigmented hydra lipstick - 12h* weightless wear
Diorshow | Maximizer 3D
Diorshow Pump 'N' Volume HD | Squeezable Mascara Instant XXL Volume - Lash-Multiplying Effect
Diorshow Pump 'n' Volume Waterproof | Volumizing mascara
Diorshow Waterproof Iconic Overcurl | Spectacular volume and curl professional mascara
Diorshow Iconic | High definition lash curler mascara
Diorshow | Lash extension effect volume mascara
Diorshow Black Out | Spectacular volume intense black khôl mascara
5 COULEURS - COLOR GAMES COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION | Eyeshadow - couture eyeshadow palette - high fidelity colours & effects
Diorshow 5 Couleurs | Limited Edition
DIOR VERNIS COLOR GAMES | Scented nail lacquer
5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette
Diorshow 24H* Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner
DIOR BACKSTAGE CUSTOM EYE PALETTE | Customizable, high-pigment & multi-finish eyeshadow
DIOR BACKSTAGE DOUBLE ENDED BROW BRUSH N° 25 | Double-ended brow brush n° 25
DIOR BACKSTAGE EYELINER BRUSH N° 24 | Eyeliner brush n° 24
DIOR BACKSTAGE RETRACTABLE LIP BRUSH N° 31 | Dior backstage retractable lip brush n°31
ROUGE DIOR COUTURE COLLECTION | Refillable snowflake-engraved lipstick set - 6 shades of lipstick - comfort & wear
DIORIFIC - GOLDEN NIGHTS COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION | Sparkling lipstick - true color and long-wearing
5 COULEURS COUTURE - GOLDEN NIGHTS COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION | Eyeshadow palette - high-color - long-wear creamy powder
DIOR BACKSTAGE GLOW FACE PALETTE | Professional performance - pure shimmer, blendable - highlight & blush
DIOR BACKSTAGE EYE PALETTE | Multi-finish, high pigment prime, shade, highlight, line
DIOR BACKSTAGE - FACE & BODY GLOW | Universal multi-use highlighter - natural glow - waterproof & sweat-resistant
DIOR BACKSTAGE EYESHADOW SHADER BRUSH N° 21 | Eyeshadow shader brush n° 21
DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY PRIMER | Professional performance - instant radiant blurring & plumping effect - mattifying - 24h hydration* instrumental test on 11 subjects.
DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY FOUNDATION | Face and body foundation
DIOR BACKSTAGE FULL COVERAGE FLUID FOUNDATION BRUSH N° 12 | Dior backstage full coverage fluid foundation brush n°12
DIOR BACKSTAGE LIGHT COVERAGE FLUID FOUNDATION BRUSH N° 11 | Light coverage fluid foundation brush n° 11
DIOR BACKSTAGE CONTOUR BRUSH N°15 | Contour brush n°15
DIOR BACKSTAGE KABUKI BRUSH N°17 | Retractable kabuki brush n°17
Rouge Dior Couture Color Refillable Lipstick | 4 Finishes: Satin, Matte, Metallic and Velvet - Floral Lip Care - Comfort and Long Wear
3 Couleurs Tri(O)blique | Pure Glow Collection Limited Edition Makeup Palette - 3 Eyeshadows - Trio of Colors and Effects
Stick Glow | Limited Edition for the Pure Glow Collection Stick Blush - Hydrating Blush Balm - Healthy Glow - Limited Edition
Dior Lip Glow Oil | Nourishing glossy lip oil - color-awakening - Limited Edition
DIOR VERNIS | Couture colour, gel shine, long wear - Limited Edition
5 Couleurs Couture | Eyeshadow Palette - High-Colour - Long-Wear Creamy Powder - Limited Edition
Rouge Dior Couture Colour Refillable Lipstick | Floral Lip Care - Comfort and Long Wear - Limited Edition
Dior Forever Perfect Cushion | Diormania Gold Limited Edition Cushion Foundation - 24H* Wear Fresh Foundation - High Perfection and Luminous Matte Finish - 24h Hydration**