Dior Forever Couture Skin Glow Cushion | Fresh foundation - 24h wear and hydration - radiant finish
Dior Forever Couture Luminizer | Longwear highlighting powder - 95%* natural-origin pigments
DIORSHOW MAXIMISER 3D | Triple volume plumping lash primer
DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW | Colour-reviving lip balm - 24h* hydration - 97% natural-origin ingredients**
MONO COULEUR COUTURE | High-colour eyeshadow - long-wear spectacular finish
DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL | Mascara and lash primer-serum set
MONO COULEUR COUTURE | Couture Collection Limited Edition
ROUGE DIOR | Duo Collection Set
ROUGE DIOR | Collection Set of 4
COLLECTION SET 35 ROUGE DIOR | Deluxe collection - 34 lipsticks and 1 lip balm - couture colour and floral lip care
ROUGE BLUSH | Limited Edition
CAPTURE TOTALE | Super Potent Serum Foundation