Flawless Complexion with Dior Forever

DIOR FOREVER SKIN CORRECT | Full-coverage undereye concealer - 24h hydration and wear - no transfer
DIOR FOREVER GLOW MAXIMIZER | Liquid Highlighter - Long Wear - Intense Luminous Glow - Multi-Use
DIOR FOREVER GLOW VEIL | Radiance primer - 24h hydration - concentrated in floral skincare and hyaluronic acid
DIOR FOREVER VELVET VEIL | Clean blurring matte primer - 24h comfort and matte finish - enriched with floral extracts
DIOR FOREVER GLOW STAR FILTER | Complexion Sublimating Fluid - Liquid Highlighting Concentrate - Multi-Use
DIOR FOREVER NATURAL BRONZE GLOW - LIMITED EDITION | Radiant Healthy Glow Powder Bronzer - Sun-Kissed Finish
DIOR FOREVER SKIN GLOW TONE-UP REFILL | Dullness-Correcting Fresh Glow Makeup Base - Long Wear and 24hr Hydration