Engraving Available

Sauvage | Eau de Parfum
Sauvage | Parfum
Miss Dior Rose N'Roses | Eau de toilette
ROUGE DIOR ULTRA CARE | Flower oil radiant lipstick - weightless wear
Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine | Lipstick - shimmering shine - luscious hydrating care
Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Eau de parfum
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet | Eau de toilette
DIOR ADDICT STELLAR SHINE | Hydrating care - lip shine
CANDLE SNUFFER | Candle Snuffer
Capture Totale | Super Potent Serum
Dior Forever | 24h* Wear High Perfection Skin-Caring Foundation
Dior Forever Skin Glow |  24h* Wear Radiant Perfection Skin-Caring Foundation also available in dior forever for a velvety matte finish
Miss Dior | Hair mist
JOY by Dior | Eau de parfum
Miss Dior | Silky body mist
Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge | Ultra pigmented hydra lipstick - 12h* weightless wear
Miss Dior | Eau de toilette
DIOR BACKSTAGE EYE PALETTE | Multi-finish, high pigment prime, shade, highlight, line
J'adore | Eau de parfum infinissime
DIOR HOMME INTENSE | Eau de parfum intense
J'adore | Eau de toilette
J'ADORE | hair mist - fragrance for the hair
J'adore | Absolu
Capture Totale | Super Potent Rich Creme
DIOR HOMME SPORT | Eau de toilette
DIOR HOMME | Cologne
DIOR PRESTIGE | La crème - texture essentielle
J'ADORE | L'or
ROUGE DIOR - MOTHER'S DAY LIMITED EDITION | Couture colour lipstick - engraved with words of love - satin, matte and metallic finishes
5 COULEURS COUTURE | Eyeshadow palette - high-colour - long-wear creamy powder
DIOR PRESTIGE | Le micro-caviar de rose