Dior Prestige Le Savon | Bar soap - exceptional cleansing skincare
Dior Prestige Le Baume Démaquillant | Exceptional cleansing balm-to-oil
Dior Prestige La Mousse Micellaire | Face cleanser - foam texture - exceptionally gentle
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Time to glow - ultra fine exfoliating powder
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Balancing hydration • 2 in 1 sorbet water
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Triple impact makeup remover • cleanse, soothe, beautify
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Micellar milk - no rinse cleanser
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Lotion to foam - fresh cleanser
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Oil to milk - makeup removing cleanser
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Micellar water - no rinse cleanser
Capture Totale | Super Potent Gentle Cleanser
CAPTURE TOTALE | Super Potent Cleanser